Sancheti College Of Physiotherapy


Sancheti institute envision creating dedicated physiotherapist, who are globally competitive, ethically & morally responsible healthcare professionals and inculcate culture of research and evidence based practice.


To produce most skilful and highly trained physiotherapist who globally competent in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains so as to impart quality education, hands on skill and research to serve the various needs of physiotherapy.


To develop overall abilities of the students. To provide quality & high standard education in Physiotherapy. To develop Physiotherapists well versed with abilities & confidence to treat & research on all dimensions of Physiotherapeutic knowledge.

Chairman & MD’s Note

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing industries in India and across the world. This increased demand has brought about a wave of opportunities for healthcare professionals with sound knowledge and professional insights into the complexities of this industry.

Learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply the knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial. Education is presently undergoing a welcome seismic change.

In tune with the changing times, Sancheti Healthcare Academy aims to help students excel in the various fields of healthcare. Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility.

This visionary culture allows and emphasizes our wards not only to adopt the present day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large. The service of the institution in creating personally mature, professionally equipped and service-oriented graduates is really worth mentioning and this makes SHA stand out as one of the finest institutes in healthcare sector. I wish to congratulate Mrs. Manisha Sanghavi and her entire team for their unstinted efforts that SHA has achieved this name.

Going forward we shall endeavour to become a key centre for healthcare education across all clinical fields and will foster global exchange of learning and cooperation. As we move forward in our journey, we would like to thank you for your unstinting support and look forward to your continued commitment to Sancheti Healthcare Academy and to the future of healthcare.

Executive Director's Note

The healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds and is estimated to touch a whopping $158.2 billion in India by 2017. This has brought about an increased need of healthcare professionals with an exceptional insight into the complexities of this industry along with the right business acumen. At Sancheti Healthcare Academy, our goal is to have an impact not only on the skills and knowledge which our students will carry in their jobs but also on their values, attitudes and character. We are committed to provide our students, with a transformational healthcare educational experience. Knowledge is wealth that empowers like none other and we are here to spread this wealth to all.

At Sancheti Healthcare Academy, it is our constant endeavor to impart quality education to students and inculcate an all round development with a strong focus on ethical conduct, discipline and responsibility to the society.

Here, we mould every student into competent and successful individual. We are proud of our philosophy and we will constantly endeavor to create an exceptional educational institution. We are strongly determined and highly committed to provide our trainees with an evolved learning experience at higher levels.
Looking from this perspective, SHA has been striving relentlessly to maintain its longstanding tradition of dynamic and latest Healthcare programs. Over the past few years, we have been working in varied directions that are yielding outstanding results. SHA offers a range of modern courses across the most vital healthcare platforms. These courses are designed to meet the changes of today and tomorrow across areas of management, physiotherapy and more.

If you are determined to make a mark in the field of education and are giving a serious thought to your career options, here is an opportunity for    you     to explore SHA and transform your dreams into reality. SHA is all set to offer a blend of intellectual rigor, strong achievement motivation, sustained success and all the excitement and opportunity to face the real world challenges with panache.

As the Director of the prestigious “Sancheti Healthcare Academy” (SHA), I invite you to participate in the range of programs offered by the institute and participate in the complex facets of this dynamic healthcare industry.

“May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.” – Manisha Sanghavi