Program Description:

This program is a hybrid program which includes one third part of didactic
training, and two-third parts of clinical experience. This program is designed
to provide knowledge of all three super-specialty of orthopedics, such as
Trauma, Arthroplasty and Spine. Emphasis is placed on conceptual
understanding of the surgical decision making processes, the types of
surgical approaches and the PT rehab.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this program are:

1. To enhance the fellow’s clinical decision making skills in orthopedic physiotherapy (practice based learning and improvement) – Improve skills required in evaluating the patients, setting up a plan of care, and providing skilled physiotherapy to them.

2. To improve interpersonal and communication skills – Build therapeutic relationships with the patients and cordial relationships with the surgeons.

3. To improve the fellow’s knowledge of the indications of surgical intervention and the clinical decision making processes employed by the surgeons – Understand the basic principles of surgical decision making, with respect to Trauma, Plasty and Spine.

4. To improve the skills of clinical interpretation of special reports, and principles involved in prescribing orthotics - Learn the skill of reading X- rays, MRIs and CTs; and also the basic principles of orthotic bracing.

5. To improve the fellow’s research skills (investigatory and analytical thinking-Understand the various types of research studies, and to learn how to write a manuscript for the most basic type of research, which is a case study/report.

6. To improve professionalism and team work – Respect patient’s privacy and autonomy, consistently demonstrate high standards of ethical care, and learn to work in increasing complex inter-disciplinary skills of today.

Required Materials:

1. Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Brotzman and Wilk.
2. Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities – Stanley Hoppenfield.
3. Therapeutic Exercises: Foundations and Techniques – Kisner and Colby.
4. Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Practice – Portney and Watkins.
5. Rehabilitation of the post-surgical orthopedic patient – Lisa Maxey and Jim Magnusson.
6. Clinical Sports Medicine – Brukner and Khan.

7. Back Stability: Integrating science and therapy – Christopher Norris.

8. Research Methods for clinical therapists – Carolyn M Hicks.

Program Method:

Fellows are encouraged to become active participants in their learning. Active discussions with surgeons, fellow PTs, nurses and care managers etc will form the core of this program.


This course emphasizes written and spoken communication skills. Your communication skills are reflected in all aspects of your patient care, such as when you are interacting with your patients and their family members (interviewing for history, education), surgeons and nursing staff. You will get plenty of opportunities to improve upon your communication skills (daily interactions with lots of patients and professionals). You will be assigned to a mentor/anchor that will be entirely responsible for all your
program related needs during your stay. These mentors will also serve as your guide in improving upon your communication skills. This course also emphasizes enhanced learning of various super-specialties of orthopedic physiotherapy. You will be continuously surrounded by world- renowned surgeons, eminent academicians, and expert clinical therapists. You must ensure that you are constantly soaking the abundance of knowledge that will be available to you during your stay here at Sancheti.

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Schedule :

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Timing :

3 months full time 8 hours posting

Course eligibility :

All applicants to the Fellowship in Orthopedic Physiotherapy will have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria, before admission:
1. Good communication skills and ability to work in a team
2. Proficiency in English language (written and spoken)
3. Minimum BPTh/BPT degrees required.
4. Completed 6 months rotator internship.

Documents Requirement :

Eligible candidates have to scan and mail the required documents to
1. Degree/Internship certificate
2. Updated CV
3. Application form with latest photo(document attached)
4. Fee receipt
5. 2 reference letters: 1 from known orthopedic surgeon. 1 from senior
physiotherapist or academician from candidate’s college.

Contact details:

Contact numbers: 020-28999232 / 0202-28999713 / 8511968333
Email ID:
Sancheti Healthcare Academy,
12, Thube Park, Shivajinagar,
Pune – 411005.