About Sancheti Healthcare Academy

Sancheti Healthcare Academy (SHA) is part of Sancheti group of hospital, Pune specializing in Orthopaedic treatment in India. SHA was created as a dedicated centre of teaching healthcare management, hospital management & physiotherapy. Dissemination of knowledge and learning are the fundamentals values of SHA. An optimal blend of theory and practical knowledge prepare the students to meet the present & future requirements of healthcare industry.

Academy building is fully air conditioned with comfortable classrooms & audio-visual aids. Library is well equipped with all essential text books, journals on Hospital administration in hard copies & on line. Reading room has plenty of sitting arrangement. Library is open for12 hours.

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What Makes A Difference?

Sancheti institute envision creating dedicated physiotherapist, who are globally competitive, ethically & morally responsible healthcare professionals and inculcate culture of research and evidence based practice.

To produce most skilful and highly trained physiotherapist who globally competent in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains so as to impart quality education, hands on skill and research to serve the various needs of physiotherapy in rehabilitation of person with disabilities, health promotion and wellbeing.

The Sancheti Healthcare Academy aims at providing quality education in Orthopaedic treatment

To develop overall abilities of the students, To provide quality & high standard education in Physiotherapy and To develop Physiotherapists well versed with abilities & confidence to treat & research on all dimensions of Physiotherapeutic knowledge