30 Hours Online Certification Program

Application of Dance/Movement
Therapy in Physiotherapy


  • It will give them knowledge on the History Definition. Basic principles of DMT.
  • It will provide the Different ways in which they can practise self care and include self-care techniques in their therapy sessions.
  • It will provide evidence based practices of therapeutic interventions for their client base whether or group therapy.
  • Better understand the Group processes and how to begin sustain and conclude a group therapy session.
  • Will give insights and useful tips which can be used in Musculoskeletal. Neurological Paediatric Geriatric Antenatal Patal and Normal Populations.
  • Students will learn to observe movement paterns and its impact on ones emotional state
  • Duration – 30 Hours
  • Mode – Online
  • Fees – 5999/-
  • Day – Saturday & Sunday

Duration – 30 Hours
Mode – Online
Fees – 5999/-
Day – Saturday & Sunday

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