45 Hours Online Certification Program

Certificate Program in Dance/Movement
Therapy for Teachers & Educators


  • Upskill practitioners in applying Creative dance Movement in a learning space.
  • Enable participants to understand, apply and integrate therapeutic concepts in a classroom setting.
  • Extend the idea of teaching from verbal to using non-verbal.
  • Expand the use of body and movement in education.
  • Understand the importance of Muscle memory across all age groups.
  • Building fresh teaching techniques merging gestures, body movements, facial expressions and voice modulation.
  • Using body posture/language/expression for altering emotions, mood and creating a safe space
  • Duration – 45 Hours
  • Mode – Online
  • Fees – 6999/-
  • Day – Friday & Saturday

Duration – 30 Hours
Mode – Online
Fees – 6999/-
Day – Friday & Saturday

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