The Master’s degree in Physiotherapy is a two-year full time program consisting of classroom teaching, self-academic activities and clinical postings, with self-directed evidence based practice. In the first year, the theoretical basis of physiotherapy is refreshed along with research methodology, biostatistics & teaching technology. The students are rotated in all areas of clinical expertise including their specialty during this period. They are required to choose their study for dissertation and submit a synopsis. During the second year the students will be posted in their area of specialty. They are required to complete and submit their dissertation. The learning program includes seminars, journal reviews, case presentations, case discussions and classroom teaching. Some of the clinical postings may be provided at other reputed centers in the country in order to offer a wider spectrum of experience. The students are encouraged to attend conferences, workshops to enhance their knowledge during the course of study. University examinations are held at the end of first year and at the end of second year.