how do you become a dance therapist ?

how do you become a dance therapist ?

Career in Dance Movement Therapy
Career in Dance Movement Therapy

To pursue a career in dance movement therapy, follow these steps:

1. Research Educational Programs :

Begin by researching accredited dance movement therapy programs that offer relevant courses and training. Some programs may be at the graduate level and might require prerequisites in dance, psychology, or related fields.

2. Obtain a Degree:

Pursue a degree in dance movement therapy, dance/movement therapy and counseling, or a related field like psychology or social work.

3. Gain Relevant Experience :

Accumulate experience in related fields such as counseling, psychotherapy, or social work. Consider volunteering at community centers, hospitals, or with populations that could benefit from dance movement therapy, such as seniors or children with special needs.

4. Get Certified :

Depending on your location, certification may be required to practice dance movement therapy. Verify the certification requirements with your local regulatory body.

5. Build a Professional Network:

Attend conferences, workshops, and events related to dance movement therapy to connect with professionals in the field and stay informed about the latest developments and techniques.

6. Stay Updated:

Stay current with the latest research and best practices by reading professional journals and participating in continuing education courses.

7. Consider Specialized Training:

If you wish to specialize in a specific area, like trauma or eating disorders, consider pursuing additional training or certifications in that particular domain.

In summary, a career in dance movement therapy demands a strong foundation in both dance and psychology, along with a genuine desire to assist others. With the appropriate education, training, and hands-on experience, you can establish a rewarding career in this evolving field.

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