Alumni association is to maintain lifelong touch with our former academic and professional students, to celebrate their success and to provide support for the future. Alumni refer to a person who has completed a course and graduated from higher learning institutions OR to a person who is no longer a full time student OR has graduated from the Institution. Alumni association is a voluntarily organized group of people who have shared the same Institute for the educational program. Therefore the fundamental characteristic that unites them is the unique shared experience of having spent time in the education program.
Alumni associations organize programs to inspire and motivate the ongoing students to develop interest in the field of physiotherapy. Alumni give their feedback on the programs, Personal and professional development, foreign opportunities, offer placement services to students and provide clinical oriented skill based training program.


To create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement and philanthropic commitment towards Sancheti College of Physiotherapy.


To communicate on regular basis with the members of the Alumni and the Institute keeping mutually informed the developments of the Alumni as well as the Institute.To foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of SCOP.
To foster more extended relationships between present students and staff and others associated with the Institute.
To organize, social, educational and networking events locally at the Institution and at the batch level.
To build up a network of eminent physiotherapists and to strengthen the connectivity among physiotherapists graduated from SCOP.
To encourage Alumni to act ambassadors of the Institution and assist in the further development of the members & the Institute.
Generate funds for the development and betterment of the Institute and also for the promotion of the objectives of the association.
To provide continuing education enrichment experience for alumni and present students of the Institute.
To provide for the Alumni platform to connect with the Institute and to assist recent graduates and current students in shaping their career.
To institute prizes, scholarships to merit students and financial aid to poor and deserving students of the Institute and to appreciate and award outstanding work in the field of Physiotherapy.
To initiate functions like: Communication (newsletters, mailings, directories, activities, fund raising, scholarships and fellowships, assistance in alumni coordinator programming
To hold periodical alumni meetings.
To maintain books of Accounts/bills/vouchers/Receipts and get the Annual Audit done.
To build a platform for academic, social and cultural interactions amongst the alumni.


Encourage alumni participation with their Institution.
To Interact among the Alumni & Present Students.
To ensure Continued two-way communication between the Institute, alumni association & its graduate.
Institute and Alumni association will be benefited from alumni involvement and support.
Promote the interest of alumni association
Provide leadership in support of higher education and alumni association
Provide social and educational opportunity for alumni.