• The students should be regular and punctual to the college and maintain attendance as per guidelines given by MUHS.
    Students should maintain proper behavior within the college and in clinics, including bedside manners, etiquettes, soft skills.
    Students are expected to respect and greet not only the physiotherapy staff but other authorities as well. These are considered as good manners.
    Students should read the notices regularly from notice board, college website, WhatsApp groups so as not to miss any important information.
    ID Card and name badges: It is mandatory for all students to always wear their name badges and carry their ID Cards during college hours.
    The college cannot condone any damage to the College property, must not write on walls etc. or make undesirables sketches on the walls/furniture tops and doors etc.
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol in college premises is strictly prohibited in the campus.
    You should not discriminate anyone on the basis of religion, caste, sex, gender etc.
    Students are advised to maintain good rapport with the classmates, other students and staff.
    Students are not permitted to bunk a class / clinic or visit the canteen during class timings.
    All the students should be present in the classroom before the teacher enters. A delay of more than 10 minutes shall not be entertained and the student shall miss that lecture
    Students driving two wheeler should have driving licence and must wear helmet.


  • To be purchase from college.
    Lost of journal to be informed to the class coordinator immediately and an application for the purchase of new journal duly signed by the class coordinator along with the charges to be submitted to the office for issuing of new journal.
  • Clinical case presentations & Documentation of Journals should be completed in given time (within 4 days)
    Journal to be submitted to on time as per the instruction given by class coordinator / HOD.


  • Using Mobile Phone for unofficial purposes in the class, library and clinical posting without prior permission is strictly prohibited.
  • If student is found using mobile shall be fined/ punished/ mobile will be confiscated.


  • MUHS eligibility criteria for appearing for MUHS examination : Theory 75% & practical &/or clinical 80 %.
    Medical leave and any other leaves should not exceed 20%
    It is mandatory to submit medical certificate if the leave is more than three days.
  • Students are required to apply for leave whenever they are unable to attend the class in a prescribed format with signatures of class coordinator, and if going out of town then with signature of parents/ guardians.
    Non compliance may result in compensations for the same.


  • All students need to carry their complete Physiotherapy kits to clinical postings daily. Non compliance may result in removal from the clinical postings.
    Clinical timing is 9am to 12.30 pm (subjected to change).
    Students reaching clinics after 9.15am will be marked late and after 9.30am will be marked Absent.
  • Change in the clinical posting is not allowed unless approved by respective clinical incharge.
    Assessment of the patients politely and considerately, respect their privacy, their dignity and their right to confidentiality.


  • If any student fails to attend the scheduled internal exam due to medical reason ,should inform the class coordinator on the same day and submit the application stating the reason for absenteeism & request to re conduct the exam to the college along with relevant document within 2 days
  • For reconduction of examination has to pay the 100 Rs fine per paper.


  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanour and comply with the recommended Dress Code.
    Clean and ironed aprons should be worn by everyone during clinical postings and practicals.
    Aprons should be of loose fitting and till mid thigh level.
    Apron should not be worn outside clinic/college campus.
    Kurtas worn by female students should be compulsorily being of mid thigh level.
    Salwar/ pants worn by female students should compulsorily reach the malleolar level.
  • Nails should be short and clean.
    Female students are expected to neatly tie all their hair during college hours.
    Male students to wear trouser and shirt
    Wear shoes…. No floaters or chappals
    Hair should be trimmed.