Dr. Suroshree Mitra (PT)


Professor and HOD Community Physiotherapy Department at Sancheti Institute College Of Physiotherapy specialized in Community Physiotherapy with Occupational Health as sub-speciality. Well-versed in assessing and treating patients from Geriatrics, Occupational Health, Women’s Health, Health Promotion, and Rehabilitation domains. Also a PhD Scholar from Dr. D.Y Patil University, Navi Mumbai.


Masters in Community Physiotherapy from Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University in 2013.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Sancheti Institite college of Physiotherapy, MUHSin 2011.



Associate Professor-since August 2018, Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy, Pune.

Assistant Professor-since August 2013, Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy, Pune.


Scientifica International conference March 2021
SIPCON Jan 2020
World Ayush Congress National PT conclave Aug 2019
OACON Jan 2019
NCHPE Nov 2018
Pune Public Health Conference Feb 2013
International conference on environment and occupational health Dec 2012
International conference on ergonomics and human factors Dec 2012
Karnataka Geriatric conference Aug 2012
48th IAP conference Jan 2010


Advanced HSET
Basic Medical Education Technology
Basic Research Methodology
Antinatal and Postnatal Fitness
Perspectives in Disability


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